Handcrafted leather goods

It was the summer of 1964 when I first entered a shop where leather was processed. Here I started my career as an apprentice craftsman. The products were made entirely by hand, by true masters, with ancient tools. There was a scent of leather in the air that immediately fascinated me. Over the years I have learned many things: to distinguish the shades, the colors, to develop models, to cut by hand, to sew and recognize the leathers.

Florentine craftsmanship is historic for the quality of its products: in Florence, as early as the fourteenth century, leather was processed on the banks of our Arno river, in the Santa Croce district.

It is from this ancient history that my business that I carry on with my wife and my son Riccardo comes to life: together we create products where quality and tradition are combined with our careful supervision. We thus offer, in our shop, accessories such as bags, wallets and belts of excellent workmanship, versatile and adaptable to the needs of everyday life.

Many people have passed through here, in our Florentine workshop, honoring us with their visit. We had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know many visitors, we shook hands and sometimes we hugged. I hope I have left a good memory of the Moretti family, because for us entering our shop does not mean just buying a bag but living an experience in the name of culture and tradition.